Agatha Delicious Devours Derrick!

Agatha Delicious Devours Derrick!


(14.5 Mins.)

Agatha Delicious is a tall, lean, muscular fitness model with a brutal scissorhold.  I mean this woman’s legs were just made for snapping necks, and she loves it!  That said, she’s been training hard for the last 2 years in grappling and wrestling and she’s become a force to be reckoned with.  We pit her against Derrick and when she saw his muscular physique she knew she had to bring her A-game.  And bring it she does, taking him down immediately and getting her great equalizer’s on this head from the start.  Then comes the tongue-lashing! Agatha is an expert at humiliating and belittling men when she has you secured high and tight in those man-eaters.  Scissor after devastating scissor, combined with figure 4’s have him suffering, but it’s the hip thrusting grapevine that really takes its toll. She knows right where to slam into him to knock his wind out.  Then when he’s at his weakest she climbs right on his face and grinds him into the mat.  This ain’t your Father’s facesitting sequence. She pulverizes him spread eagle and you can see every muscle in her superb thighs as she rides him hard. Lastly she flips over on him and into her finishing move, the reverse scissor and reverse figure 4!  For the next 3 minutes she tortures our young stud, completely owning him. Derrick told us afterward he’s never been scissored harder. UTCS-261, Agatha Delicious Devours Derrick is 14.5 minutes in length.  Enjoy!


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