Agatha’s Scissor Challenge!

Agatha’s Scissor Challenge!


Fetish performer and exotic dancer Agatha (Syren) Delicious
returns to Utopia in UTCS-55, Agatha’s Scissor Challenge!
Agatha is hanging out with her friend Ed, and discussing how she’s been tapping out men and making them beg their surrender in her MMA class with her devastating reverse head scissor. Ed doesn’t believe her, so a challenge is issued. Each places the other in a scissorhold to see if they can tap out their opponent. Agatha is tall 5’8″ (6’2″ in heels,) super fit at 135lbs., and all legs. She works out constantly and has developed a crushing scissorhold. Ed goes first and places Agatha in a body scissor. At first it appears as if Ed might have something, however Agatha composes herself and knifes Ed’s ankles apart. In 20 seconds she is free! Next it’s Agatha’s turn and she goes for her infamous reverse scissor. Within seconds she has Ed locked in and in pain. On his back with no leverage there is no way he can pry her legs apart. When she turns to her side she is able to lock one of Ed’s hands and clenches her glutes to tighten the noose. Then she flips back over and ensnares him in a reverse figure 4. His chin and nose are buried deep in her power alley and Agatha tells him “You better start begging or I’m gonna put you out!” However Ed can’t talk and all you hear are his muffled cries. Agatha just laughs at his helplessness and tells him “I’m gonna squeeze you like a snake … crush all the life out of you!” It’s very sexy and so is
returns to Utopia in UTCS-55, Agatha’s Scissor Challenge! Enjoy!

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