Adara Trains her Boyfriend! – Part 1

Adara Trains her Boyfriend! – Part 1


(21 Mins.)

Goddess Adara Jordin is a sexy, dominant MILF who has many fetish interests. Among those are wrestling, scissoring and facesitting. A fitness junky for 20 years, she has the strength and skill to force men to submit, in what we learned is a pretty large repertoire of wrestling holds. This is part 1 of a 4 part series in which Adara’s broke ass, out of work boyfriend, needs to be trained how to properly worship Goddess Adara. In Part 1, our new victim dude, Pistol Pete, is hanging out at Adara’s house watching TV. In struts Adara in her new black sequin mini dress, who asks him if he’s looked for a job today? Pete gives her some double-talk, essentially lying to her about his job hunt. When Pete grabs Adara’s ass, she gets infuriated and jumps on Pete securing him in a tight, classic head scissor. Adara is fairly petite, but all muscle. She has the type of legs that painfully bite right into the sides of his neck. She knows how to snap them out, or curl them back into a figure 4, which she repeats over and over. Then she kicks him to the floor, peels off her dress, revealing her lithe physique, for what becomes “Training” lessons 1 and 2! Lesson 1, when Adara says the word “Scissor,” Pete is to present his neck to make it easier for Goddess to secure her scissorhold. Lesson 2, is when Adara says the word “Throne,” Pete is to present his face to be sat atop. Goddess Adara tests Pete’s ability to follow commands as she scissors and facesits him at will, completely humiliating him, before marching him out off the room to end “Adara Trains her Boyfriend! – Part 1. ┬áTRT 21 minutes, enjoy!


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