• Hungarian beauty Sheena has many interests and does them all with energy, enthusiasm and expertise. She is an accomplished model, world class Jiu Jitsu competitor, businesswoman, and quite possibly the best session woman on the planet. She has also been training hard to make the switch from wellness to figure, and has put on tons of quality muscle. Her biceps are now 15," her thighs 26," and her calves topped 16." During some much needed downtime she puts on her MMA gloves to do a little shadow boxing. Striking was never really her thing, but make no mistake, with some practice, Sheena could rule the ring too. And that's pretty much how Sheena rolls, even when chilling she is constantly tuning her technique to better herself. Whether it be numerous modeling gigs, sessions, or bodybuilding and judo competitions, Sheena strives to be the best. She's punching right into the camera when her big-mouth friend Steve enters and tries to give her some advice on her punching technique. Maybe he could use a little work on his timing and tact, because he upsets our buff beauty. Turning the gloves on Steve she starts to wail on him. Thus begins Steve's beatdown. Throws, arm bars, guillotines, chokes, knee lifts, knee drops, kicks, scissors and numerous strikes soften him up for the final rear naked choke that ends his day. She even bloodies his lip at one point, but keeps on striking. Wearing a form fitting white thong body suit, you'll love seeing sexy Sheena taking apart Steve, in UTCS-155, Technique, Huh? TRT 12 minutes, enjoy!
  • Dez Desire Levels Lance!

    19.5 Mins. $17.95
    Dez Desire returns to Utopia in a ring custom clip entitled UTCS-113, Dez Desire Levels Lance! Dez and Lance meet in the squared circle with a million dollars (winner take all) as the prize.  Lance doesn't want to fight a girl, so he tries to get Dez to forego the match and split the purse with him.  Dez is cocky and knows she can give the chauvanist all he bargained for, so she is willing to get it on and with that she hauls off and sucker punches him.  Lance hits the canvas and it's match on!  From there it's a non-stop 20 minute beatdown with, stomps, kicks, slaps, punches, elbows as well as some excellent wrestling and grappling submission holds including: scissors, guillotine, choke, arm lock, triangle, Boston Crab and more.  In the end Dez completely knocks Lance to the canvas with a devastating roundhouse kick to the jaw.  If your a fan of beatdowns from one of the most talented mixed fighters in the world, then Dez Desire Levels Lance is a must view! Check out the preview clip to Dez Desire Levels Lance here.  TRT 19.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • When referee Lance ends their match in disqualification, both Dez Desire, and Carmella Lee gang up on him in a pro-style wrestling beatdown in the squared circle. These two beautiful wrestling powerhouses kick, stomp, choke, scissor and toss Lance around the ring, until a few boots to the face end his night for good. Our heroines beat Lance to a pulp, before standing over him victorious in a double victory pose. Check out the sample clip, this is a mere taste of what's in store in UTCS-101, Dez Desire and Carmella Lee Beatdown Lance! Enjoy!
  • Sheena Breaks Lance!

    15 Mins. $14.95
    This video is actually a custom request that came through our jobber Lance. They wanted a beatdown clip starring Sheena with a foot worship twist. While at the Arnold we had our chance and this video was shot at the same time as UTCS-82, Personal Trainer Trouncing, with Sheena in contest condition. Sheena has really been spreading her wings recently and taking on all sorts or role-plays. She's more muscular, stronger and more accomplished than ever and she is one gorgeous, dangerous woman! In UTCS-85, Sheena Breaks Lance, Sheena comes back from the Gym and is tired and achy and wants Lance to rub her feet. When Lance tells her that her feet stink, this sets our Hungarian beauty into a fit. Sheena has the strength, stamina and expertise to beat almost anyone into submission and it's awesome to see her totally work Lance over. He's nearly 5" taller and 60 or so pounds heavier than her, but she controls him like a puppet. Punches, kicks, scissors, chokes, knee lifts, knee drops, butt bombs, stomping, trampling and ankle scissors abound!  And, the punches are real!  At one point Sheena strips his shirt off and chokes him with it from many different positions.  Holding him up while putting her perfect feet in his face.  In the end she sits on the broken man while slapping his face with her feet and flexing her big biceps. Awesome camerawork and lighting by Kip with some excellent angles.  If you're a fan of gorgeous muscular women, truly beating up a men UTCS-85, Sheena Breaks Lance is a must see. Enjoy!


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