leg nelson

  • VeVe Lane, returns to Utopia to take on our big guy King, in another installment of "Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!" However, after about 7.5 minutes of turning King inside out, upside down, and every which way but loose, Veve turns to the camera and says "Kip, we're gonna call this the bigger they are, the harder they fall!" And then she proceeds to dominate him for another 6 minutes on top of that! So it goes, King probably has Veve on pure strength, but when pitted against her on the mat, he couldn't mount much of a defense. Veve throws a ton of sophisticated wrestling moves on the young man and he spends much of his time grunting from the shear force of her paralyzing holds and scissors, or tapping out. In the last 2 minutes alone, Veve captures King in a full nelson. But then she deftly holds both his arms with one of her arms and then reaches around him for an HOM smother. Then she pulls him back ensnaring his ribs with a vicious body scissor. King is stretched out, can't breathe, and she's squeezing what little air he had, right out of him. It's awesome! UTCS-225, The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall" is 14.5 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • Madison Swan is a sexy mixed wrestling hottie who loves to strip down, and lock up with any male who feels he's tough enough to tangle with her on the mat.  You have to give Zach props for going up against her again, especially after Madison handed him his ass in their last match for Utopia.  So in UTCS-114, Madison Humiliates Zach, Madison takes off her top at the beginning, revealing her awesome natural tits, throwing Zach off his game.  When Zach takes notice, Madison jumps him and throws him to the mat with a headlock.  Madison isn't content to just whip up on Zach this time, she wants to inflict some pain, and make sure he's never ballsy enough to challenge her again, and she loves to show off her wrestling skill, especially when she goes against a man not nearly as skilled as herself.  So she twists him into all sorts of cool maneuvers, each designed to take him one step closer to humiliating surrender.  Her hip-thrusting grapevine knocks his wind out and puts pressure on his knees and hips.  Her Lotus leg nelson, puts tremendous pressure on his neck, shoulders and arms, while her body scissor/choke/HOM smother combination further drives the air from his lungs.  Unable to recover he falls prey to her figure 4 Indian Leg Locks which puts more strain on his lower limbs.  Then a Crippler Crossface and choke bend his back and neck unnaturally.  Then he's primed for a classic Camel Clutch.  Sexy Madison bends him backward with both single and double chin locks and flexes her gorgeous biceps as he's completely helpless.  Then Madison flips him onto his back and mounts him, facesitting him into oblivion.  She grips his hair and stuffs his nose in deep, completely humiliating the outclassed male as she grinds her muscular ass into his nose.  Lastly she turns around and facesits him from the front, as she again flexes her mighty biceps.  Madison is a one-woman wrecking crew, and Zach is her latest victim to be destroyed! Check out the preview clip to Madison Humiliates Zach here.  TRT 15 minutes, enjoy!


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