You’re Mine!

You’re Mine!


Daisy is a super-fit exotic dancer who grew up on the mean streets of Cleveland’s west side. This self described “Toughgirl” is blessed with an all natural muscular physique, athleticism, and an ultra-competitive attitude. Daisy told us she does 250 sit-ups a day, and an hour a day practice on her in-home pole which she described as “punishing the pole.” She added, “His neck ain’t gonna be nothing!” If I knew I was doing to be in a fight, and I could choose any woman on Utopia to go to battle with, Daisy would make the list of top 5! That’s because Daisy will do whatever it takes to win! When she wrestles with Lance, Daisy surprises him with a knee-lift right off the jump, then pulls him down with a guillotine. From there it’s scissors, scissors and more scissors until Lance is forced to submit. What really turns us on about Daisy is her inner thigh muscles and six-pack abs. When she grips his head in between her cable-like thighs you know it hurts, and you know it’s hard to breathe or think while trapped in her relentless onslaught. Then you watch her wasp-like waistline with thick ridges and you know this woman is built to dominate! Her scissor slams into his gut are awesome, and every other hold including her jackhammer grapevine is meant to inflict pain. When Daisy triumphantly stands over him at the end and says “You’re Mine,” we’re sure you’ll agree, … Daisy is an awesome wrestler! Enjoy!

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