You Wanna Wrestle? … Let’s Wrestle!

You Wanna Wrestle? … Let’s Wrestle!


(11 Mins.)

Princess Onyx Kim is a beautiful session wrestler and dominatrix living in Florida. She loves to dominate men especially in wrestling sessions where she can use her long, toned legs, to scissor men relentlessly.  In UTCS-228, You Wanna Wrestle … Let’s Wrestle, Onyx comes home after a full day of sessions and Flavio says “how come we never wrestle anymore?”  He was supposed to have dinner ready, however he picks this moment to take a stand.  Onyx yanks him between her thighs and begins an 11 minute scissoring and facesitting session that Flavio won’t soon forget.  Onyx is way stronger than she appears and she has superb technique, so Flavio is wincing in pain and tapping out from the moment her leggy onslaught begins.  Onyx turns his face beet red, but continues to pour on the pressure.  Sexy Onyx is the queen of mean as she scissor chops him into oblivion, laughing at his helplessness.  At the end Princess Onyx further humiliates him when she takes her seat right on his face. Holds of note include: head scissor, figure 4, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, scissor shops, scissor snaps, grapevine and reverse facesit.  TRT is 11 minutes in length, enjoy!


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