Who is the Bitch Now? Part 4

Who is the Bitch Now? Part 4


Please Note: Who’s the Bitch Now? Part 4 is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

In part 4 of Who is the Bitch Now?” sweet young Mandy has all but exhausted her poor boyfriend. Her humiliation of him not yet complete, she first rolls him onto his back in an awesome reverse headlock pin where his nose is buried deep beneath her arm pit. She flattens out and her sexy backside is completely on display. She switches to a front headlock and pins him repeatedly as he is completely dominating him. Then on to the grand finale where Mandy places him between her tight thighs and puts the legs to him for 4.5 minutes of scissoring. First a body scissors and then around his head for classic headscissors and figure 4’s. Mandy taunts him as only she can and her boyfriend finally submits sweaty and spent! Enjoy!

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