Who is the Bitch Now? Part 2

Who is the Bitch Now? Part 2


Please Note: Who’s the Bitch Now? Part 2 is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

Part 2 of Who is the Bitch Now?” has a little bit of everything you love about mixed wrestling! Mandy is warmed up, looking hot, and totally on her game. This segment has 5 takedowns, 4 pins and 3 different scissorholds! She is the master of the front headlock and the first takedown results with her applying a side scissor. Mandy is never content with just one hold, she locks his free arm behind him and now he is completely helpless. She maneuvers him to his back and BAM, the reverse scissor! Then a series of takedowns, pins and another body scissor. Mandy completes part 2 with straddling his chest in a classic school pin and flexes over him. Mandy is an unbelievable wrestling machine! Enjoy!

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