Who is the Bitch Now? Part 1

Who is the Bitch Now? Part 1


Please Note: Who’s the Bitch Now? Part 1 is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

Part 1 of Who’s the Bitch Now?” stars REAL high school wrestler Mandy now in college and in the best shape of her life. Clad in a brief black and white bikini, Mandy is fit, strong and skilled as ever. Part 1 contains the back story where the wrestling challenge was issued. 5 takedowns, 4 pins and a beautiful grapevine pin highlight the action as Mandy proves to her boyfriend who’s the woman and who’s the bitch! She flattens him to his back again and again using several different moves. When she’s not all about substance, she’s about style too, as Mandy is an excellent sexy little smack talker! Mandy is sexy, Mandy is dominant and Mandy is awesome! Enjoy!

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