Tonya vs. Ken

Tonya vs. Ken


Tonya is a retired competitive bodybuilder turned exotic dancer. She has a very sensual wrestling style, as you might imagine, and her inner thighs are like steel cables. Some women have scissor holds that can literally crush a persons skull. Tonya’s scissors, with her long, lithe, muscular limbs, are the type that strangle her victim, leaving them exhausted and gasping for air. Her scissors are grinding and pulsating and Ken finds out right away as they hit the mat. Tonya applies a brutal wrist lock, followed by an arm bar, followed by an intense rear head scissors. What follows is an array of other holds including figure-fours, grapevines, full nelsons and strangles as Tonya proves her arms are powerful, too. You’ll love seeing Tonya pour it on in a high cut red leotard.

Please Note: This is the 2nd mixed wrestling video we ever produced. It was shot in 1990 and released to the public in 1992! MW-2, Tonya vs. Ken is being offered here in our new reformatted SD into 1280 x 720 HD. 22 Minutes, 620mb. Enjoy!

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