The True Story of Utopia Entertainment

The True Story of Utopia Entertainment


Duration: 52 minutes

Sexy Claire Rebell stars as Mrs. Kip in the 20th Anniversary Video and Original Kip Beatdown… MW-52, The True Story of Utopia Entertainment. This 53 minute production has beautiful Claire wearing 6 separate outfits in 6 different vignettes, telling the tale of how Kip created Utopia Entertainment. Claire dominates Kip while he’s doing the dishes, making the bed, while she’s playing the piano, on the living room couch, in the edit suite and his final beatdown… on the mat! Claire is probably the best Mixed Wrestling actress on the scene today and combines incredible squeezing power, fantastic wrestling skill and brings raw emotion to the role of Mrs. Kip. Behind every great man is an even greater woman and indeed Utopia Entertainment is no different. Of course the real Mrs. Kip remains in the background. Her muscular legs spread, waiting for Kip to ‘F’ up. In which case she’ll suck Kip in and punish him in scissors after brutal scissors until Kip sees it her way. Kip didn’t know it at the time, but Claire and Mrs. Kip spent an entire weekend together so that Claire could fully immerse herself in her new role. Kip thought Mrs. Kip was going home to visit her Mother. Little did he know!!! Then the attack Claire unleashed on him was so realistic, Kip thought he was reliving his past all over again! His neck is still recovering! We guarantee you will love MW-52! Gorgeous Claire (aka the Fitness Mistress) wrote and directed a special song for the video ‘My Stupid Husband,’ and sings it topless while scissoring Kip. Awesome! Again, MW-52, The True Story of Utopia Entertainment is 53 action packed minutes with stereo sound. The .wmv download is 1280 x 720p, 3000kbs, and 1gig in file size. Also Check out Claire Rebell’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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