The Scissor Expert Strikes Again – Part 3

The Scissor Expert Strikes Again – Part 3


In Part 3 of The Scissor Expert Strikes Again, sexy Skylar continues her non-stop topless assault of Dante. Skylar is “The Scissor Expert,” and every punishing hold from our gorgeous heroine has cruel intentions. We pick up the action with Dante high-up and locked tight, in Skylar’s fantastic ass in an ultra close-up reverse head scissors. A few gut punches softens him up for a rugged side figure 4, turning his face a deep shade of red. Skylar slaps him a few times to keep him awake, then she pulls Dante into a 2 minute long rear naked choke, body scissors combination that has him completely helpless. Then Skylar drags him to a chair and scissors the daylights out of him. Skylar can be super mean and here she gut punches him at will, grabs his balls and then facesits him to control his breathing. When she lets him free he slumps to the floor where Skylar steps on his head! Part 3 ends with Dante on his hands and knees secured in Skylar’s standing head scissor. Part 3 of MW-70, The Scissor Expert Strikes Again, is over 7 minutes in length and only $6.95. The full 30 minute MW-70, The Scissor Expert Strikes Again is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Utopia Clips Store. Check out: Skylar Rene See sexy Skylar on Utopia today!

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