The Scissor Expert Strikes Again – Part 2

The Scissor Expert Strikes Again – Part 2


In Part 2 of The Scissor Expert Strikes Again, gorgeous Skylar throws Dante to the floor where she can really do some damage. Skylar’s a fit, statuesque 5’7″ (6’0 in heels) and when she’s standing over you with a foot on your stomach, she’s downright intimidating! Skylar pounces on Dante and places him in a grinding 2 minute front scissor and front scissor 4. She tells him “I’m gonna squeeze the job right out of you,” and she means business. As she releases him she throws a couple of stomach punches and then jumps on him securing his legs in a grueling grapevine. Then she hops up onto his chest in a classic schoolgirl straddle where she removes her top. To our knowledge, has THE ONLY topless mixed wrestling of lovely Skylar Rene! Skylar possesses a stunning, fit physique and she treats us to some sexy posing as she flexes her amazing biceps topless. Then she sits atop Dante’s face for a little breath control. She stands, stomps on his belly, then back astride Dante’s face for another ride in reverse! She switches to a debilitating reverse scissor and reverse figure 4 to close out awesome part 2 with Dante suffering between the beautiful Skylar’s magnificent thighs!.
Part 2 of MW-70, The Scissor Expert Strikes Again, is nearly 8 minutes in length and only $7.95. The full 30 minute MW-70, The Scissor Expert Strikes Again is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Utopia Clips Store. Check out: Skylar Rene See sexy Skylar on Utopia today!

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