The Scissor Expert Part 4

The Scissor Expert Part 4


Beautiful Skylar Rene picks right up where she left off in Part 3 and secures Dante in a tight Front figure 4 from her back. All of Skylar is face up, topless, with her gorgeous legs wrapped around Dante’s trapped throat. Skylar is now completely asserting her dominance, verbally as well as wrestling. When Dante is good and softened up from the front scissor, Skylar drags him to the couch and reverse scissors him from the back. Transitioning to an inescapable figure 4, Skylar has Dante completely locked up and almost ready to pass out. Expertly she lets him go repositioning him for a little sexy facesitting. Sklar’s perfectly formed, fit derriere gets planted right in Dante’s face! After she humiliates him, and turns us on, she moves into a beautiful reverse scissor. Skylars tan, perfect physique is again stretched out to squeeze Dante semi-conscious! The rest of Part 4 features Skylar applying a head scissor, armlock combination, then a rear naked choke, body scissor combination. Then she completely finishes off his dismantling with a classic reverse scissor hold. As he lays on the floor completely crushed, Skylar stands over him flexing that sexy physique in a classic victory pose. Skylar proves once and for all who is the Scissor Expert! 8.5 minutes, 247mb and $7.95. See the full version of The Scissor Expert! here Also, check out Skylar’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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