The ABC’s of Scissors – Part 4

The ABC’s of Scissors – Part 4


In Part 4 of MW-63, The ABC’s of Scissors! beautiful Katarina Kat puts Duncan away once and for all. She shows him a few new wrestling maneuvers, highlighting her strength and flexibilty, then at the end, puts Duncan to sleep between her magnificent thighs! What a way to go! Holds featured in Part 4 include, the grapevine, crucifix, a reverse split straddle/flex combination, an upside down reverse head scissor, a reverse figure 4 and side figure 4 so she can see his face as she puts him out! With the strength, speed, skill and beauty of Katarina, Duncan never had a chance! As a bonus, there is a 1.5 minute segment of Katarina scissoring Kip on-stage during one of her Feature Dancing engagements at a Gentleman’s Club in Columbus, OH. Watch as she taps Kip out 3 times on stage! Part 4 of MW-63, The ABC’s of Scissors! is 5.5 minutes (7 mins counting the strip club scene) and only $5.95. It is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Clips Store. Check out: Katarina’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!”

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