The ABC’s of Scissors – Part 3

The ABC’s of Scissors – Part 3


In Part 3 of MW-63, The ABC’s of Scissors! sexy Katarina continues her scissoring dominance of her English Tutor! She rolls Duncan onto the floor and really straps the legs on him! Holds featured in Part 3 include, the front scissor and front figure 4, reverse side scissor and hangman figure 4, and then a classic reverse scissor that has Duncan seeing stars! Katarina’s hot body is only matched by her lethal scissors ability! As a bonus, there is a 1.5 minute segment of Katarina scissoring Kip on-stage during one of her Feature Dancing engagements at a Gentleman’s Club in Columbus, OH. Watch as she taps Kip out 3 times on stage! Part 3 of MW-63, The ABC’s of Scissors! is 7 minutes (8.5 mins counting the strip club scene) and only $7.95. It is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Clips Store. Check out: Katarina’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!”

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