Tasha Black Turns Him Blue!

Tasha Black Turns Him Blue!


Newcomer Tasha Black was introduced to us by another dominatrix friend of ours. When we first talked with Tasha about scissoring she told us she’d been doing scissors in her sessions for years, and really loves it when her victim’s faces turn purple from the pressure she can exert with her relentless thighs. Super athletic and growing up as a track star, Tasha has always had long, lean, powerful legs, and she had to work them out 5 days a week to compete at the high school level. At the same time she was exploring her dominant side and soon realized the effect her fantastic gams had on boys. When she wasn’t turning boy’s heads with her shapely glutes, thighs and calves, she was trapping boys heads between them and crushing the daylights out of them. Tasha discovered how to get what she wanted, and it was mostly because of her awesome underpinnings. We knew from talking with her in advance of the shoot we were in for an exceptional scissoring treat. In UTCS-57, Tasha Black Turns Him Blue, Tasha displays her fit body for boyfriend Ed in her brand new sexy animal print monokini. Ed asks her “You bought another stripper outfit?” and throws some money at her feet. This infuriates our dominant heroine, and next thing you know she hip throws Ed to the floor for a scissoring lesson he won’t soon forget.
For Tasha, scissoring is an art form and she puts her heart and soul into punishing men who are stupid enough to get caught in this position. Tasha’s lithe legs grip Ed’s neck ruthlessly, causing him extreme pain and to tap out to her many times. When Tasha gets you in one of her punishing locks she literally grinds away at your neck until you can’t take anymore. Then she lets go for a moment fooling you into thinking she’s let you go, and BAM, a position shift and you’re caught in the next grueling scissor. In addition to her wrestling prowess, Tasha delivers some awesome smack talk, beating him down not only physically, but mentally as well. Highlighting this clip is a brutal reverse scissor and reverse figure 4, a crushing side scissor and side figure 4, some well timed HOM smothers and a 6+ minute head scissor and scissor 4, after which Ed was completely spent. Please enjoy our newest Utopia starlet Tasha Black in UTCS-57, Tasha Black Turns Him Blue!

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