Talia vs. Nick – Part 1

Talia vs. Nick – Part 1


In part 1 of Talia vs. Nick, is another clip from our very popular series “Holy Shit This woman Can Really Wrestle and features ultra-hot http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=255&starname=Talia” target=”_blank”>Talia. Talia is, in a word… gorgeous! Smooth, sun-kissed tan skin and jet black, straight hair. Her body is packed with muscle, cultivated by 12 years in the gym and various sports while growing up. When we told her should would be wrestling boys, she just looked me in the eye and asked, “when do you wanna shoot? In part 1, she takes Nick down to the mat and immediately places the reverse scissor on him. What follows is 8 minutes of this incredible woman humiliating her male opponent in her inescapable grasp. Close-ups abound from every angle we could capture as she maneuvers him in and out of incredible tight reverse figure 4 to straight leg scissors. She snaps his head repeatedly,.. he can’t hear since his ears are bent over and he can’t hardly swallow because his throat is being crushed, Nick is in real peril. This clip is a special treat for fans of sexy women completely dominating men in the reverse scissorhold, and Talia is one of the best at applying it! Part 1 of MW-68, Talia vs. Nick, is 9 minutes and only $8.95. The full 28 minute MW-68, Talia vs Nick is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 3 parts in the Utopia Clips Store. Check out: Talia’s Utopia Star Profile here! Talia is fine!

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