Sweet Venom Returns!

Sweet Venom Returns!


(10 Mins.)

As we fade up Alrik is lamenting the ass whipping he just received in his first match against Sweet Venom. Little does he know she’s 15 feet away in the other room listening as she changes into the tiniest bikini she has ever worn. When she comes back she immediately throws him to the mat. Welcome to Alrik’s ass whipping part 2! Lol, we almost named it that. Sweet Venom is an all-natural woman and has curves on top of curves. Her tiny bikini can’t possibly contain her awesome natural tits. She’s a maniac in the gym and on the mat as well, so there’s plenty of muscle to take care of any dude who thinks he’s man enough to tangle with this blonde bombshell. Alrik doesn’t stand a chance and she’s not gentle either. Sweet Venom tells him at the beginning “I’m going to dominate you and make you my little bitch,” and that’s exactly what she does, twisting him into all sorts of knots, and making him tap out over a dozen times. Holds of note include: takedown, Americana, Kimura, HOM smother, side scissor, body scissor, rear naked choke, front scissor, reverse scissor, camel clutch, guillotine, fish hook, arm bar, grapevine, armpit choke, victory pose and more! Sweet Venom is one of the baddest, sexiest women in mixed wrestling and she’s right here on Utopia. Sweet Venom Returns is 10 minutes in length, enjoy!


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