Skylar Puts Glenn to Sleep!

Skylar Puts Glenn to Sleep!


Sexy, session wrestling superstar Skylar Rene has been wrestling and scissoring Glenn all day and he’s tapped seemingly a million times on the brink of being knocked out. We thought we were done when Glenn suggested a beatdown clip. Skylar incredulously says “You can’t even take my scissors, what makes you think you can take my beatdown?” Kip stepped in and said “Let’s just pick it up right here!” Skylar puts on her MMA gloves and starts whaling away at Glenn. A barrage of gut punches, a few well placed strikes to the chin, and a few knee lifts later, Glenn hits the deck. Skylar jumps on the big guy and then proceeds to punch and scissor him (sometimes both at the same time) for the the rest of the video. Skylar doesn’t hold back at all because Glenn’s still awake. After unleashing her full scissors repertoire, Skylar finally traps him in a figure 4 right across his jugular. This time she ignores his taps, and sends him off to dreamland. It’s a pretty good one because Glenn fell off really fast and started snoring. Knockouts can be pretty scary, but I have to admit we got a little chuckle after this one! Presenting for your viewing pleasure: UTCS-52, Skylar Puts Glenn to Sleep! Enjoy!

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