Sheena – “I Will Punish Him!”

Sheena – “I Will Punish Him!”


After getting completely demolished by beautiful Hungarian wrestling and grappling superstar Sheena, in UTCS-46, Mixed Wrestling: The Way It Was Meant To Be, Lance tells Kip, Sheena got “lucky” and begs Kip to give him another shot. Kip immediately tells Sheena Lance’s claim and Sheena promptly replies “I will punish him!” Lance hears this and attacks her from behind as Kip is interviewing her. This just infuriates Sheena, so she decides to make him her scissor victim! At one point while she has Lance in a front scissor, she tells him “I want to break your neck!” Sheena’s powerful legs are so strong and her technique so perfect, I believe she could! Sheena makes good on her promise to punish Lance throughout, completely exhausting the big guy again and making him endure many scissors, smothers and even another cradle pin. Enjoy gorgeous Sheena, squeezing Lance in UTCS-48, I Will Punish Him!

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