Scissors for Stretching!

Scissors for Stretching!


Athletic dominatrix Tasha Black returns to Utopia to show off her dynamite body, smooth skin, flexibility, and awesome scissoring skills. In UTCS-61, Scissors for Stretching, Tasha needs to stretch her long lean legs and asks Ed for help. Little does he know that Tasha uses brutal scissorholds latched around his head and neck to accomplish her goal. Tasha is ruthless, dressed in a minuscule silver bikini as she scissors Ed until he is complete putty in her legs! Tasha is a former track athlete and trained her legs 5 days a week to reach elite level. Later on she became a dancer which has kept them lean, muscular and devastating. When she tortures Ed with her hip-thrusting grapevine, we see the power in her lower body and completely understand why her body is so dangerous. Then she straddles his neck and grinds her pelvis right under Ed’s chin. Next Tasha mashes Ed into oblivion with a front scissors, front figure 4, more front scissoring, another brutal straddle, and tops this sequence off with Ed trapped in her thick runners calves. Tasha has so completely thrashed Ed, that she makes him suck on her toes to complete his humiliation. Tasha Black is beautiful, dominant, deadly and completely whips Ed’s ass in UTCS-61, Scissors for Stretching, 13.5 minutes with stereo sound. Enjoy!

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