Scissors Brazilian Style

Scissors Brazilian Style


Please Note: Scissors Brazilian Style is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

Scissors Brazilian Style is part 3 of the 4 part Utopia production MW-55, The Monix Anthology! Beautiful, buff, Brazilian, Monix directs this video for her first ever. Monix destroyed Kip in part 2, and now she is taking over. Telling Kip where to stand, and telling Dominick where to sit, she turns on the ipod and starts to dance for the camera. Then the squeezing starts! Monix, looking fine in her frilly blue thong bikini, puts on a scissoring display as she has Dominick turning purple several times. Figure fours, reverse scissors, reverse figure 4, body scissors and choke holds are applied by Monix to punishing perfection. She makes him worship her muscles as she flexes and squeezes. Dominick’s demise is complete when Monix places him in a brutal front scissor and starts her famous “Scissor Slams!” Then she works him in a series of “Scissor Snaps” while flexing that totally demolishes him. She stands over him victorious as he is forced to worship her muscles. The Scissors Brazilian Style is 16.5 minutes and 451mb by itself.
Also check out Monix’s Utopia Star Profile Here! Enjoy!

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