Scissor Practice

Scissor Practice


Please Note: Scissor Practice is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs. It is also offered as a full length download within the members’ area. This means if you join the members’ area you can download the fulll length video for free

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and sexy Brazilian legend, Monix, stars in Utopia Entertainment’s new production, “Scissor Practice!” Monix has not wrestled in a month or so and feels she needs some practice before her Utopia Entertainment Video debut. Dominick knows what’s coming, but Monix can be very persuasive. Dressed in a very tiny blue and black thong, Monix puts the thighs to Dominick as only she can. Her muscular physique is awesome to behold. Tan, and flawlessly smooth her muscles ripple with power with every flex. Straight leg, figure 4, side scissors, reverse and reverse figure 4’s are employed to make quick work of him, and Dominick worships her body in awe of the power it holds. I think you’ll agree with Dominick that Monix is indeed ready for Utopia! This is part 1 of MW-55, The Monix Anthology! Scissor Practice is 8.5 minutes and 243mb by itself.

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