Scissor Alley – Part 4

Scissor Alley – Part 4


Part 4 of Scissor Alley is when Annie Rivieccio finishes Nick for good. It starts with the one of the longest and most brutal grapevines we’ve ever witnessed. She hip-snaps him repeatedly, bites the top of his head, and smothers him with her massive biceps. Then she slams on top of him in a classic straddle where she flexes on top of him. Then she slams back down for another 1.5 minute grapevine. Then it’s time for Annie to end him with a backbreaker. A victory pose with Annie showing us the goods closes things out! Part 4 of MW-69, Scissor Alley, is 6 minutes and only $5.95. The full 30 minute MW-69, Scissor Alley is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Utopia Clips Store. Check out: Annie’s Utopia Star Profile here! Annie is Awesome!!!

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