Schooled by the Schoolgirl!

Schooled by the Schoolgirl!


Duration: 81 minutes

Sexy adult star and fitness enthusiast Kira Noir visits Utopia and produces with us one of the sexiest mixed wrestling role-play movies we’ve ever produced. MW-81, Schooled by the Schoolgirl features Kira wearing a super brief schoolgirl slingshot that barely hides Kira’s amazing assets. When she reveals her stunning body on screen your eyes will pop out of your head. Kira’s lean muscular physique is honed from years of pole dancing and when she visited Utopia she told us ‘I’m in the best shape of my life!’ When she threw us a bicep flex, our eyes popped out of our heads … that is, until she flexed her lean, cut thighs. That’s when we knew Jason was in real trouble. Not only is Kira beautiful and fit, she is athletic and strong. She flips and tosses Jason around the ring and scissors him from all sorts of angles. When she has his head high and deep within her powerful gams he’s immediately gasping for air. When she flexes them together in her scissors, they become thick and rock-hard and he’s seeing stars in nano-seconds. It’s awesome! She gets Jason to choke several times, and we cut a few times because he was nearly unconscious. Kira can be downright mean at times and loves to neck-snap, scissor-jolt her victim to let him know who is in control. Then she flexes her beautiful biceps to show how powerful she is. All this with a smile on her beautiful face. She really gets into the role-play and her sexy little schoolgirl taunts combined with her neck-wrenching scissorholds is sure to make this movie your instant favorite. Check out the free sample montage. This is just a taste of what’s in store as sexy Kira Noir thrashes Jason in the octagon. All the pictures promoting this movie are actual screen grabs from video. No faked photography ever on Utopia! MW-81, Schooled by the Schoolgirlis full HD 1920 x 1080 and 22 minutes in length. Enjoy!

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