Roxy’s Scissors Study

Roxy’s Scissors Study


Please Note: Roxy’s Scissors Study is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on most smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

Ultra sexy, ultra fit, Graduate Student and Fitness Competitor, Roxy, places an ad at school for volunteers for her new study on Pain and Suffering. Dominick, (with a background in extreme activities,) signs up, but has no idea what’s in store for him. Roxy reveals her amazing contest prepped, muscular physique, and tells him “we’re going to start with a head scissor!” Roxy’s body is solid rock. Not bulky mind you,… but svelte, lean muscle, highlighted by 8-pack abs! Roxy starts out with a few 50% pressure, hip thrust scissor holds. But as time wears on, Roxy wears out his neck with scissor after excruciating scissor. Soon Roxy has dialed up the pressure to 100% and Dom is in more pain than he bargained for. Here’s where his real suffering starts! Roxy tells Dom he’s there for 4 hours and places him in her deadly, front scissor, with her pumping, hip thrusting neck snaps. Over and over again she thrusts up and down, giving her patented little scissor moan she is so famous for. Dominick becomes putty in her hands, er legs we mean. Then Roxy turns him over and grinds his neck further with her punishing reverse scissors. Roxy loves to make men suffer as she inflicts pain with her scissors and there’s nothing he can do about it. Roxy’s Scissors Study! is a smartphone friendly .mp4, 17 minutes of hi-def 1280 x 720 action, stereo sound and is 495mb. See Roxy’s Utopia Star Profile Here!

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