Rose’s Bedroom Plaything!

Rose’s Bedroom Plaything!


(14.5 Mins.)

Rose is a spectacular IFBB pro female bodybuilder in contest shape, ripped and vascular, with 14″ arms, 24″ thighs and 14″ calves. Every curve is a muscle on Rose, and she knows how to display it, and use it to her advantage. As we start UTCS-258, “Rose’s Bedroom Plaything” Rose already has Steve neck deep in her front scissorhold, where she is crushing his daylights out. 3 grueling minutes of relentless scissor pressure in both straight leg and figure 4, as she flexes and lets him worship her perfect biceps. Next she straddles him and puts her cookie right under his chin in a pussy choke. Then she mounts his face and smothers him with her womanhood. Dialing up the torture from there, Rose transitions to a 2.5 minute grapevine, where she smothers him and hip thrusts him into oblivion. Then into a body scissor where she tests Steve’s ribs with a series of scissor slams. Next she maneuvers Steve into a punishing 2 minute long reverse scissor. This is where Rose’s bread is surely buttered and what separates the men from the boys. Rose’s perfect ass and legs are on full display while Steve holds on for dear life and worships her awesome physique. Next Rose moves to the side and puts her feet right in Steve’s face. She makes him suck her toes while she flexes some more. Lastly she reverse mounts Steve’s face again for more facesitting. Rose has a really sexy technique here, where she writhes “Frog-legged” forward and backward all over our “poor” victims nose and mouth. Do we really feel sorry for him? ¬†Enjoy!


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