Remote Control Crushing!

Remote Control Crushing!


We first met Synn when she joined our MMA class. The Instructor was constantly yelling at the sexy Asian beauty for trapping men in her straight leg scissorholds. She kept submitting dudes instantly with incredible scissoring pressure, as the master would yell “Arm in, arm in, triangle, triangle!” Needless to say we were incredibly turned on. Weeks passed, more men tapped out, and we eventually approached her for videos. A natural show-off, Synn enthusiastically agreed. We’ve since learned Synn has an athletic background from various sports and dance all through middle and high school. Now she is an exotic dancer. Doing incredible pole tricks is the way Synn keeps in shape, and MMA & scissoring is a way for this hot Asian dancer to protect herself. In UTCS-41, Remote Control Crushing Synn and her new boyfriend get into while watching TV in bed. He wants to watch football, and she wants to watch a movie. Synn mounts him and secures a grapevine. He has no idea who he’s messing with so he tosses the remote to the ground. This angers our Asian beauty and the match is on. Synn has perfected the armbar (and a few other grappling moves) and she shows her boyfriend right off the bat. Then she destroys him with headscissors from many different angles. She loves to arch way back with her thighs clamped securely around his neck and the pressure she exerts is intense. We never did find out where Synn first learned to scissor, but does it really matter? Enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: UTCS-41, Remote Control Crushing is an 17 minute full download available here in the Clips Store as a standalone, or in the Utopia Members’ Area. Enjoy!

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