Rapture vs. Lance!

Rapture vs. Lance!


Rapture comes to Utopia to wrestle and grapple with Lance only 6 weeks removed from her last physique contest. She looks absolutely luscious in her black, cutout, one-piece, monokini. Lance talks big at the beginning, telling Rapture he’s going to stand over her flexing in a victory pose. This really makes her angry and sets her off. Rapture immediately uses a headlock to throw him down and then maneuvers him into a vicious arm-in judo scissor. Next, an arm bar, rear naked choke and grapevine soften him up further, and now he’s ready for the squeeze session of his life. Rapture practically knocks him out in her front scissor and then taps him out many times in her reverse and reverse figure 4 scissors. In the end Rapture is the one standing victorious while flexing. Enjoy Rapture vs. Lance!

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