Nadia Gets Nasty!

Nadia Gets Nasty!


Greek Fitness Goddess, Nadia stars in her first Utopia Entertainment Video. She’s visiting the United States and meets Paul. Paul, is a little too old for her, a little to pushy for her, and he won’t shut up. The perfect guy for Nadia’s playful “game.” Nadia is built for power. She’s only 5-1, but a compact, awesomely hard 130lbs. Paul finds out first hand what it must feel like to be in a nutcracker, cause his face is a distorted mask of pain in her clutches. She loves to combine her head scissor with a chin-lock, or hom smother, and we’re treated to both several times. Nadia ramps it up as this video moves on and his begging gets more desperate. Nadia manipulates him from hold to bruising hold. And by the end, he’s practically put to sleep, when Nadia decides, she’s keeping him all night. Poor Paul’s suffering has just begun! Please Note: UTKC2B is our new reformatted SD into 1280 x 720 HD. We think you’ll like it. Nadia Gets Nasty is 1gb and is 39 minutes in length. Enjoy!

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