My Miss America Legs!

My Miss America Legs!


Duration: 86 minutes

One of the most requested women of all time at Utopia, Kayley is back and she looks phenomenal! In her first video for Utopia, MW-64, Kayley vs. Nick, Kayley first demonstrated her gymnastic ability, then completely destroyed Nick in a variety of debilitating scissorholds. Now a top NPC Figure Competitor, Kayley visits Utopia just 4 weeks before one of her most recent competitions. Her eye-popping body and 6-pack abs are on full display in a micro thong, metallic bikini. Dan is watching the Miss America pageant. He comments on how nice some of the competitors’ legs are. When Kayley tells him she works really hard on her legs, Dan disses her. That’s all Kayley needs to show Dan up close and personal just how strong, shapely and devastating her legs are. She really got into this role-play because she said so many women face this kind of belittling all the time. Kayley is a scissoring machine! She knows how to work a scissorhold, tensing her abs, hips, thighs and glutes to turn Dan’s head purple. She could knock him out at anytime but prefers to keep him near the brink of consciousness with intense pressure and gives him a nice dose of smack talk as well. We have to give props to Dan, because Kayley mashed his head in this first couch scissor sequence for 8 solid minutes! He only tapped when she was literally going to put him out. Kayley pushes Dan to the floor and climbs on top for a vicious grapevine. She rides him into the carpet for the next 2 minutes with some potent hip thrusts. She then headlock smothers him and straightens out her legs in one of the most excruciating locks we’ve seen in awhile, telling him she’s ‘Going to work him fucking over!’ Kayley releases him then 69’s him in a reverse head scissor. She captures him nice and high and says ‘I’m going to scissor your face off!’ She means it because for the next 7.5 minutes she’s literally choking him in straight leg reverse scissors and her infamous reverse figure four. She reaches back to pull her leg tighter and while looking into his trapped mug she says ‘Oh yeah, I love this hold!’ When Kayley releases him she sits back and pulls Dan into a front scissor that ends this fight. This 6 minute long front scissor and front figure four sequence features breathtaking views of Kayley’s spectacular body and amazing abs. She grinds his neck making him beg and tap his final submission. Standing over him Kayley flexes her biceps and then shows us her ‘Miss America Legs!’ MW-86, My Miss America Legs features excellent lighting and camerawork, with a second camera capturing fantastic close-ups. 26.5 minutes offered in true HD. Enjoy!

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