Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 4

Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 4


Duncan tries to mount a comeback in part 4, but his attempts are short lived as sexy Muscle Tease turns the tables with a couple of painful grapevines. We categorized this clip as mixed wrestling, but Duncan spends a fair amount of time being scissored relentlessly by beautiful Lyndsay. Her reverse scissor is amazing to behold as she has one of the most perfect derrieres on earth! Duncan taps, but his demise is complete when he tries to sneak attack Lyndsay. She once again reverses him and gets those gorgeous gams around his head. She chinlocks him as she applies a figure 4 and Duncan cannot escape her grip! Lyndsay celebrates her victory with some sexy flexing! Awesome! TRT 10:19 and 253mb.

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