Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 2

Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 2


Foxy Muscle Tease picks up in part 2 where she leaves off in part 1, squeezing the snot out of Duncan. Don’t let that pretty face fool you, she has an awesome scissors hold with those tan, meaty, muscular thighs. She takes Duncan down to start part 2 and immediately applies a grapevine. Then it’s 5 straight minutes of scissoring as Lyndsay talks trash to Duncan while squeezing him in a variety of leggy locks. She dominates Duncan with Incredible reverse head scissors, side scissors, and figure 4’s. Part 2 of Lyndsay the Muscle Tease vs. Duncan is a must see for fans of sexy muscle girls relentlessly squeezing men! Enjoy! TRT 6:23 and 167mb.

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