Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 1

Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 1


Lyndsay the Muscle Tease has been called by many “One of the top ten sexiest women bodybuilders of all time!” And it’s easy to see why. Lyndsay is 5’6″ and 140lbs of the curviest, most lush muscle ever packed on a female physique! Muscle Tease visits Utopia and participates in another installment of our competitive mixed wrestling series, “Holy S**t this Woman Can Really Wrestle!” Sexy Lyndsay has a one track mind, squeeze the snot out of anyone who gets in her path… then squeeze them some more. And then heap on top a generous portion of smack talk. Lyndsay throws Duncan down to his back and climbs on him with a reverse side scissor. Duncan escapes, but Lyndsay traps him in a body scissors and grapevine. Then maneuvers him into a beautiful front scissors and front 4, before making him tap with a back-breaking camel clutch! Part 1 ends with the ref raising Lyndsay’s arm in victory and then some sexy flexing as Lyndsay shows us the goods! TRT 5:20 and 129mb.

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