Muscle Goddess Kelly Wrecks Steve!

Muscle Goddess Kelly Wrecks Steve!


Duration: 89 minutes

Muscle Goddess Kelly visits Utopia, contest prepped at 5’9 and 185 lbs. Her lean, yet ultra-muscular physique boasts 14′ biceps and nearly 24′ thighs. However, it’s her densely muscled core that Kelly most proudly displays in her sexy leather trimmed green bikini. In an earlier video posted to the Utopia Members’ Area she hit the Squeeze-O-Meter™ for the largest press recorded to date. Then she knocked Mike out cold in another video. So in our mind it’s her ridiculously hard thighs that could press coal into diamonds! Cocky Steve is unimpressed and blathered before the match how he is a lifeguard in the summer, and is now training in Crossfit. Muscle Goddess felt upstaged and decided she was going to ‘Choke him out’ and make him ‘beg’ to be released. She makes good on both of those promises. In MW-89, Muscle Goddess Kelly Wrecks Steve it looks at the very beginning that Steve might mount a challenge, however Muscle Goddess traps him in a standing scissor and the rest is history. He tries valiantly to pry her legs apart, but this just makes her angry. What starts out as a brutal scissorhold, soon becomes paralyzing! She mounts Steve for a grapevine and reverse headlock. Then starts wrenching his neck while hip thrusting forward. Her tight legs entwine his and he is in obvious pain. Steve is now putty for her guillotine. She has him choked up deep while combining a body scissors. Leaning back, she nearly passes him out as she makes him tap. Now, it’s scissor time! Some women like to pressure a scissorhold intensely and tap their prey out immediately. Not Kelly. She likes to precisely pressure her scissors to keep you in the maximum amount of pain, for the longest period of time possible. Her scissors are, in a word, grueling! Side Scissors, side 4, reverse scissors, reverse 4, front scissors, front 4, and classic scissors all have him begging and illicit several taps. However, Kelly relentlessly makes him suffer and the only time she lets him go is to catch him in the next crippling lock. She loves to smile and flex over you to show you how helpless you are in her grip. Near the end, as Steve is totally powerless against her, she makes him tap over and over and beg to be released. She finally lets him free and stands over him flexing her awesome physique in a classic victory pose. At the very end, Muscle Goddess Kelly gives us her contact info direct to the lens so you can be defeated by this awesome woman yourself. Enjoy!

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