Morgan Rules!

Morgan Rules!


Duration: 78 minutes

Awesome powerlifter next door Morgan makes her Utopia debut in another killer installment of ‘Holy Shit, this Woman Can Really Wrestle,’ MW-78, Morgan Rules! Morgan competes in Powerlifting most of the year, but we shot this video when she was prepping for her most recent Figure Competition. Morgan (at 5’9+ and 158 lbs.) is in awesome condition wrestling Derrick who was over-confident with a 2 inch height and 22 pound weight advantage. It wasn’t nearly enough as Morgan completely dominates him! Morgan is super athletic with a background in Track and Cheer in High School. She told us she was a wrestling team cheerleader and learned a ‘few moves’ from her wrestler boyfriend. Whatever she learned she puts to good use here as she pins Derrick right from the start. As the match begins, Derrick goes right for a single leg takedown. She counters with an underhook with one arm, a reverse headlock with the other and spins him to the ground. Once on his back she extends her legs hard and the Saturday Night Ride pin is secure! This is an awesome 2+ minute grapevine complete with hip thrusts and smack talk as she makes Derrick admit he’s pinned. Stunned from the grapevine, Morgan slips to his side and captures him in a bodyscissor. Her bodyscissor is brutal, but a better word is breathtaking as she actually crushes the wind from him! He can barely talk, then he’s prey for her chokehold and suitably softened up for her legs! Morgan looks long and lean, but her powerlifter legs are dangerously thick, muscular and powerful. She eats him alive with 5+ minutes of grueling head scissors and figure 4’s. After making him give into her again, Derrick goes for round 2. This time he is more cautious on his feet, but Morgan executes a beautiful headlock throw directly to Derrick’s back. A headlock/armlock combination pin leads to Morgan’s finishing move … the reverse headscissor! When he’s pinned underneath her, trapped in her reverse he knows instantly he’s done. But Morgan is an expert at keeping him around, taunting him to escape while simultaneously toying with him for nearly 6 minutes. Fantastic close-ups highlight the action as she smoothly moves from straight-leg reverse scissors to reverse figure 4’s and back several times. Every time he thinks he can escape, Morgan sends another devastating jolt of thigh power directly into his trapped neck! Eventually Derrick submits and Morgan stands over him flexing triumphantly in a classic victory pose! Morgan has a graceful confidence and loves to taunt and flex over her prey as they struggle for freedom! She’s awesome! MW-78, Morgan Rules! is 24 minutes in length, 1920 x 1080, and 1.14gb. Enjoy!

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