Mandy Highlight Reel Part 3

Mandy Highlight Reel Part 3


Please Note: These clips have been released individually in the Utopia Entertainment Members Area. Mandy is now 21 years old in these clips. More mature and comfortable in her own skin, she dresses down in a really sexy black bikini. We hired her boyfriend to wrestle against her, and she wipes the mat with him. She starts out pinning him, but soon after she decides to strap the legs on him and really put him down. This is all 100% REAL WRESTLING! This was the beginning of the end of their relationship (for real) as he could never recover from the humiliation he felt by getting defeated so badly! Part three has 5 clips of Mandy, each about 1 minute in length, and a sixth clip (also in a bikini) in a roleplay with Dominick. 5 of the 6 clips are competitive, as she pins and scissors 2 males. Check out Mandy’s Utopia Star Profile Here!

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