Mandy Highlight Reel Part 1

Mandy Highlight Reel Part 1


Please Note: These clips have been released individually in the Utopia Entertainment Members Area. Real Competitive Freestyle Mandy is our most requested wrestler of all time. It’s easy to see why. Mandy grew up in a wrestling family where her dad is a high school coach, and her brother a state champ.She wrestled herself all through junior high and high school on the boys team and also competed in Gymnastics since age 5. Really cute and athletic, these clips were made when Mandy was only 19 years old, and Mandy is eager to show Utopia fans how it’s done. These are competitive mixed matches. However she is so strong for her size, and knowledgeable, she pins anyone we bring to her. We also asked Mandy if she new how to scissor and she replied, Are you kidding me? Look at my legs! I was born to scissor!” Part one has 7 clips of Mandy, each over 1 minute in length. All competitive, she pins and scissors two different men. Check out Mandy’s Utopia Star Profile Here!

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