Lora Cross vs. Steve!

Lora Cross vs. Steve!


(13 Mins.)

Lora Cross is an all-natural session wrestler and adult star with a lean, muscular physique, baseball shaped biceps, 6-pack abs, and a world-class derrière.  Always tan, fit, and aggressive Lora loves nothing more than getting her tight, toned legs around a bigger man’s neck and humiliating him. In UTCS-184, Lora Cross vs. Steve, she does exactly that!  Steve is nearly a foot taller and weighs roughly 100 lbs. more than her, yet she makes him tap in a variety of punishing scissorholds.  The very first takedown isn’t really competitive, but what happens on the ground is real.  She latches onto his neck with her incredibly sexy, firm gams and squeezes him into submission over and over again.  She promises “1 tap in every position” and gets it, while turning his face nearly purple in all of them.  Seemingly always smiling, Lora loves to snap her legs out to create mind-numbing jolts of power, as she presses her cable like inner thighs into his carotid arteries.  Then comes the bicep flexing and shit-talking all designed to prove to him how helpless he is while being dominated by a “little girl.”  When we first told Steve he would be wrestling Lora Cross, he laughed and told me she was way too small for him and he actually told Lora behind the scenes, he would “go easy on her.” Underestimating Lora like this was a huge mistake, because she is one of the most competitive women he’s ever met. Indeed, beautiful Lora has competed at the college level in softball and triathlon, competing in ultra-marathons and Spartan races, has been a powerlifter and CrossFit coach, and now trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  So when Steve brought his macho shit-head, “I’m gonna go easy on you” game, Lora turned it inward, and then thrashed Steve until he had to admit he was “Lora Crosses Little Bitch!”  Nearly every scissor you can think of is utilized including a nasty aerial hangman, as well as camel clutch, facesitting, tons of flexing victory pose and a death grip (dragon sleeper) to earn her final submission.  Lora Cross has quickly become one of the fan favorite’s on Utopia and it’s easy to see why!  TRT 13 minutes, enjoy!


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