Like Father, Like Son!

Like Father, Like Son!


Duration: 108 minutes

Sexy session wrestler and sweet Southern Belle, Tyler Dare visits Utopia for a truly entertaining role-play MW-108, Like Father Like Son! Tyler has just finished a wrestling session and tells her husband ‘That guy was tough!’ He questions ‘That skinny guy?’ Then tells Tyler ‘ you must be slipping’ and suggests she’s ‘past her prime.’ Tyler takes exception to his comments because she works out tirelessly in the gym and is more skilled and muscular than ever. Indeed, Tyler appears to be ageless. A challenge is then issued and they’re off to the wrestling room. Her husband is no stranger to the gym as well and flexes his biceps at Tyler. But Tyler can’t be intimidated on the mat and throws her hubby down to the mat and then throws him around the room, dominating him with a variety of intense scissors and chokes. He can’t believe how strong she is, nor can he escape the humiliation by being beaten so badly by his wife. In the middle of their battle their college aged son walks in on them and then all hell breaks loose. The rest of the video is a taboo wrestling match between mother and son in which our big-thighed mom scissors her son in nearly every position possible to put him back in his place. In the End Tyler shows him how strong she is by lifting him onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Then throws him down and flexes over him in a classic Victory Pose. Tyler really gets into this role-play and her wit, combined with unparalleled wrestling skill make this must-see TV. MW-108, Like Father Like Son! is entertaining, unpredictable, funny, action-packed and taboo all at the same time! Enjoy!

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