KO vs. Duncan!

KO vs. Duncan!


Duration: 90 minutes

Lusciously muscled, bodybuilding beauty, KO, visits Utopia for another installment of Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle! KO is 5’7′ & 163 all natural pounds. She boasts mind numbing 27′ thighs, gargantuan 18′ calves, and mammoth 15′ biceps. Aside from her model looks and phenomenal chiseled physique, KO is about energy and personality. Her quick wit and tell-it-like-is attitude is perfect for when she faces you mano y womano on the mat. This stage was set early on, when in the intro KO interrupts Kip with ‘Duncan’s Going Down … Woof!’ The no role-play, mat wrestling format for Utopia’s HSTWCRW series really allowed KO to come alive and be herself! In MW-90, KO vs. Duncan, Duncan is game from the start, but KO comes at him over and over again and eventually exhausts him with a spectacular exhibition of wrestling prowess. You see, KO’s been training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for an entire year before shooting this video. So, not only can she scissor your head off, she can maneuver you into guillotine’s, arm bars, triangles, and a whole host of other debilitating, tap-enducing holds. KO loves to squeeze nice and slow, building the pressure to unbearable levels. Then POP! You’re either out, or hoping she’ll let go before you go out. KO loves to show her awesome physique in the slinkiest thong outfits imaginable, and by flexing over her victims when she gets dominant position, … which happens all the time, lol. So, we’re treated to awesome views of KO’s impressive body & biceps, while scissoring Duncan to the brink. When we make a sample clip, our goal in the first pass is to whittle the video down to a tight 7 minute ‘Highlight reel.’ In this video when we made the first pass, it was 20 minutes. So, we realized early on whatever we showed in this 1 minute montage was not necessarily going to be the best stuff. That said, we think you’ll get a taste of what KO and this video are all about. We feel this is one of the most entertaining videos we’ve ever had the privilege of producing, and we’re sure you’ll want to see more of sexy KO! Check it out today!

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