Kickboxer Kicks Ass!

Kickboxer Kicks Ass!


(21 Mins.)

Ultra-hot Venezuelan bikini competitor, Kickboxer joins Utopia for her first ever mixed wrestling video! PLEASE NOTE: Her name is Kickboxer, but this video is mixed wrestling and scissoring! Guys, over the last 25 years we’ve featured a lot of beautiful muscle girls! However Kickboxer could be the hottest ever! You know South American women have a reputation for sexy legs, powerful hips and perfectly shaped glutes. Kickboxer doesn’t disappoint! This fiery latina is built beyond belief, with curvy thick muscle, 6-pack abs and not an ounce of fat anywhere. Top it off, Kickboxer is, in a word, gorgeous! Kickboxer is not one-dimensional, her personality is fun and energetic. She says hello to the camera while flexing and you can immediately see how engaging she is. Kip gets her to pose a little and then she flips the switch, and proceeds to mop the mat with Ed. This isn’t some sexy girl playing for the camera just to collect a paycheck. This is an intensely competitive athlete looking to inflict some pain! We knew this was going to be a special video, so we hired a second cameraman and ran two cameras on the entire video. We didn’t overuse the second camera but there are some fantastic angles and close-ups throughout. At the start, Kickboxer hip throws Ed to the mat and then climbs on for a sensational body scissor where she practically squeezes him in 2. Then she transitions to a grapevine where she forcefully hip snaps poor Ed into oblivion. You won’t know whether to feel sorry for him, or think he’s the luckiest man in the universe! Your eyes will pop when you see how thick and dense her fantastic glutes and sweet Venezuelan thighs are. Yum! Kickboxer proceeds to trap Ed into every wrestling scissorhold she can think of. She is a head snapping, flexing machine, as every hold is hit with force and followed up with her flexing for the camera, flashing her beautiful smile and big brown eyes! Her sexy 6-pack is on display the entire video. She uses her strong core to throw Ed from side to side in her scissors with just her legs alone! Amazing! There isn’t a lot of trash talk here, rather one of the finest women ever to grace a mixed wrestling video! Check out gorgeous Kickboxer as she dominates Ed in MW-80, Kickboxer Kicks Ass! 21 minutes in length, enjoy!


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