Kelly’s First Date!

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Kelly’s First Date!


We finally got the chance to shoot with Kelly Winterss and she did not disappoint. As fans of Kelly’s know, she is lean and muscular year round and visited Utopia rock hard at about 7.5% body fat. But just in case you thought her muscles were just for show, she hit the Squeeze-O-Meter™ for an impressive 335 lbs of pressure. Imagine what this power-packed dynamo can do to your head if you’re lucky enough to have her scissor you in a session! Oh my! In Kelly’s First Date,” Kelly and Steve are laying on a bed chilling after their first date workout together. Kelly wants to get busy, and Steve is “not that kinda guy.” So what’s a girl to do? Well, Kelly takes matters into her own legs and mounts him. What follows is Kelly putting Steve through some grueling scissorholds on the way to getting what she really wants … Steve’s virginity!


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