Kayley vs. Nick – Part 4

Kayley vs. Nick – Part 4


In Part 4 of MW-64, Kayley vs. Nick! beautiful Kayley finishes Nick off once and for all! Her physique is primed for this moment from years in the gym and various sports participation. Part 4 starts where Part 3 ends, with Nick captured between Kayley’s powerful thighs, on his back on the mat, where she immediately maneuvers him into a throat collapsing figure 4. From there she decides more head squashing, neck grinding classic scissors are in order. Weakened and unable to escape, Kayley forces Nick to his hands and knees and traps him in a standing scissors. She humiliates him by holding him helpless and flexing her awesome biceps. He is completely powerless as she displays the muscle that has defeated him. Then Kayley goes to the ground with Nick still trapped in her scissors and polishes him off with throat scissors and throat figure 4’s. He’s face up, on his back, between her massive gams red faced and in pain. When will she let him go? When she does, she stands over him a flexes again in an awesome victory pose! Part 4 of MW-64, Kayley vs. Nick is 8.5 minutes and only $7.95. The full 32 minute feature is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Utopia Clips Store. Check out: Kayley’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!”

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