Jo’s Scissor Contest!

Jo’s Scissor Contest!


(24 Mins.)

Utopia is proud to introduce Jo in her first ever video, UTCS-197, Jo’s Scissor Contest.  Jo is a NPC Wellness and Physique competitor with gargantuan quads that stretched our tape to 27.”  The day we shot this incredible woman, we had literally 1 hour with her and tried to sandwich in as much as we could in a short amount of time.  There’s also a muscle worship video sometime in the coming weeks. We had several talent available to us that night Van, Cobain, and Bianca Blance and the idea struck us to have each take turns experiencing Jo’s scissors, and we let Jo tell what percentage of her crush each victim could take.  There’s a classic head scissor, front scissor, body scissor, side figure 4 and a reverse scissor.  Ol’ Kip get’s in on the fun a couple of times as well.  In the end the winner has to endure one last crush from Jo’s massive gams, but then is allowed to crush another victim in between their strong thighs.  Who is the winner?  Check out Jo’s Scissor Contest to find out.   TRT 24 minutes, enjoy!


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