I’m in Charge!

I’m in Charge!


Duration: 75 minutes

To celebrate Utopia’s 24th birthday, we wanted to do something special. So we thought we would offer one of our favorite wrestlers of all time … Antscha! If you are a fan of mixed wrestling, you have no-doubt seen Antscha. The Hungarian, blonde, wrestling beauty has it all. She’s hot, super fit, and has championship caliber skill. In this story, Antscha comes home from the gym after training hard. She is sore and wants Tom to massage her. He says “No way!” Antscha takes exception to his attitude and proceeds to attack him. Tom fights back so Antscha becomes furious. Antscha knows every hold and maneuvers Tom from one lock into the next. Her conditioning is fantastic and she never tires. He on the other hand never knows where the next vicious move is coming from. Antscha jumps on him, rides him, rolls him over, punches him and general woman-handlles him. Head scissors, body scissors, reverse scissors, front scissors, chokes, arm bars, figure 4’s, chinlocks straddles, pins, face slapping, face sitting, etc., etc., etc … are all employed, as Antscha puts a complete whipping on her beleaguered boyfriend. Several times throughout, as she gains dominant position, sexy Antscha flexes up her beautifully shaped biceps. About a third of the way through, Antscha straddles his chest and removes her bikini top, revealing her perfect, natural breasts. The hungarian wrestling dynamo told me her English wasn’t very good, but we thought her decidedly Hungarian accent was totally sexy, and she loves to talk smack! Check out the sample montage … we had a ridiculously hard time cutting this action packed offering down to just 1 minute. Offered at a 24th birthday SPECIAL PRICE of $17.95! MW-75, I’m in Charge is a smartphone and tablet friendly .mp4, 28 minutes in length, 1280 x 720 at 3500 kbps and 775mb. We recommend a high speed internet connection to download this fantastic production of sexy Antscha Enjoy!

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