I’m Gonna Put You Through the Wringer!

I’m Gonna Put You Through the Wringer!


Duration: 102 minutes

After the recent success of MW-97, Every Which Way But Loose, starring gorgeous Nikki Fierce. we decided to release her second video MW-102, I’m Gonna Put You Through the Wringer!We were super lucky to shoot Nikki when we did. She was deep into practicing Yoga and her physique was lean and muscular and her strength and muscle control attained through Yoga, made her scsissors extremely dangerous. In this role-play Nick and Nikki are roommates and Nick owes Nikki $300. He’s strapped for cash and can’t pay Nikki at the agreed date, so she decides to strap on the scissors. If we’ve learned anything about lovely Nikki, we’ve learned her scissorholds are no joke, and she puts a serious beating on overmatched Nick. Watch Nikki put Nick (as she says) ‘through the wringer that is her legs’ with brutal scissorhold after brutal scissorhold taking him to the brink of consciousness many times. She’s wearing a sexy pink bra and panty set and she turns Nicks face brighter red than her lingerie. Her knowledge of wrestling and grappling is second to none, and she effortlessly moves around him at will, inflicting serious pain whenever she feels like it … which is a lot! Of particular note in MW-102, I’m Gonna Put You Through the Wringer! are 2 really sexy segments. One in which Nikki shows us her inner thigh muscles and why they are so deadly. The second at the end, she shows us her ‘special’ jiu-jitsu figure 4 lock that can knock a person out with only 10% power. Nikki Fierce is truly one of the sexiest and deadliest session girls on the planet and she had a lot of fun proving it at Nicks expense in this video. Enjoy!

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