I’m Bigger Better and Stronger than You!

I’m Bigger Better and Stronger than You!


Duration: 109 minutes

Taking the session world by storm is Goddess Nadia, and that is for good reason. She’s strikingly beautiful, massively muscled, super athletic, incredibly powerful, sweet as sugar, yet utterly dominant! She debuts for fans of Utopia in MW-109, I’m Bigger, Better and Stronger than You! Nadia checked in for our shoot at an impressive 5’8′ & 170lbs., with 16′ biceps, 27.5′ thighs, and 16.5′ calves. Side note: a measuring and lift & carry clip is in the Utopia Members’ Area now, and will be released in the Utopia Clips Store soon. Nadia is in the mood to have her muscles worshipped and squeeze someone’s head. Eddie Paradise just happens to be in the vicinity so he is Nadia’s lucky boytoy for today! Dressed in a Victoria Secret, red and black thong bikini, Goddess Nadia unleashes some of the most powerful scissorholds ever witnessed. Her gargantuan legs are smooth, tan, rock hard, and unyielding. Literally, Nadia could crack his jaw if she wanted to, and in fact she has a special hold called ‘The Jaw Cracker’ just for that purpose. This is where her sweet side comes in. She doesn’t break Eddie’s jaw in this one, just made it hard for him to eat for a week or so. And just when you think Ed can’t possibly take any more abuse from scissor after grueling scissor, and her 4+ minute ‘Jaw Cracker,’ Nadia straps on a 3 minute long reverse scissor, reverse figure 4 combo and then 1.5 minutes of facesitting to totally vanquish him. Lastly she stands over him flexing, and puts her feet in his face to totally humiliate him. The lighting and camerawork in this video are great and as always, Kip captures some excellent angles and close-ups of this awesome woman as she crushes Eddie into oblivion. Muscle-domme, Goddess Nadia, is a rare treat in the session business, and she’s here for you now at Utopia in MW-109, I’m Bigger, Better and Stronger than You! Enjoy!

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